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People often ask me why, with my active life and schedule, I spend time writing. With apologies to my fellow authors, books are a dime a dozen. Many very fine authors go unrecognized. So, why would someone want to do something that potentially has very little reward?

There are several reasons why I write. First, for me, writing helps release the stress of my day working in the trenches. I can escape into the characters' lives and far away places.

Second, I wanted to create characters that are role models to inspire women to seek their highest potential.

Third, I love to write. The written word has the power to inspire, motivate, convince and create. I once told a friend of mine who was having a long bout of writer's block, "It's your world. Make it up!"
Authors Notes

After long hours planning, my web site is finally up and running after a fashion.
I'd like to especially thank my friends and family for their inspiration and assistance.

A special thanks to:

Michelle Donald for her P.R. knowledge, creativity and overall support.

Steve Mahoney for his great art designs and magnificent talent.

Nathan Reed at Slim Video for his web design and helping two web design challenged women find their way.
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